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Conservative Unity Wristband™

The Conservative Unity Wristband™ symbolizes strength, unity, liberty, equality, leadership, and determination to be proactive in government.

We as conservatives and Republicans cannot lose this upcoming election. We need to reunite into one cohesive party, which will give us the strength to win this election, and the ability to retain control of the House and the Senate...Strength through unity.

As President Reagan emphasized "Peace through strength," (military strength is a primary or necessary component of peace), strength through unity is the primary or necessary component to the success of a political party, and the success in an election.

The Republicans have run astray from their conservative principles. Republicans are divided over significant issues that face our country today; the growth of government, pork barrel spending, not ensuring permanent tax cuts, immigration, war on terrorism, and our country's dependence on foreign oil. These issues are significant threat to Republicans, and the Conservative Unity Wristband™ is the solution to this problem.

Conservative Unity Wristband
Size: Standard 202 mm (7.1 inches)
Color: Republican Red


Mfg Part# CUW1001
Inventory: In-Stock




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