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Conservatives UNITE is entirely dedicated to Uniting Conservatives Across America. It is no secret that conservatives have run astray from their conservative principles. Both Republicans and conservatives are divided over issues affecting the United States. This is a monumental problem that needs to have some resolve. This leaves many people begging the question; How is this problem solved? Its simple, the Conservative Unity Wristband™. Through the Conservative Unity Wristband™, conservatives will reunite into one cohesive Republican party, and once again become a political powerhouse that cannot be stopped. Now is our time. This is the future, and we as conservatives are here to stay in the glorious United States of America.

Conservative Unity Wristband™ blowout sale!

Buy four wristbands and get a fifth FREE. As always, there is FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders. This sale will not last forever, so be sure to load up on your Conservative Unity Wristbands before this sale ends.

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To purchase your Conservative Unity Wristband™, click on any of the wristbands pictured, or click the products page to be sent to our storefront. At our storefront you will be able to purchase your Conservative Unity Wristband™ in quantities up to 24 wristbands. If you would be interested in purchasing 25 or more of our Conservative Unity Wristband™, please contact our sales department regarding your bulk purchase at: Sales@Conservatives-Unite.com, or by telephone at 952-944-2184. Shipping and Handling is FREE on all orders, so load up on the Conservative Unity Wristband™, and pass them out to everyone in your conservative network.

Buy one or several...Vote Republican!

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We are now offering advertising on our site. We currently have several advertising blocks available on this site. Available blocks include 180 x 180 premium block, 155 x 155 block sidebar, 530 x 50 site divider, and 120 x 500 high rise. Advertising on Conservatives-Unite.com is a great way to increase visibility for your company, increase revenue, and increase traffic. Stop by our advertisement page to find out more information about the rotation of these advertisements. Feel free to email us at: Advertise@Conservatives-Unite.com, or reach us by telephone at 952-944-2184.

Are you on MySpace? SO ARE WE!!

Conservatives UNITE now has a Myspace page. Feel free to look us up, and join the conservative Myspace movement. Click here to visit our Myspace page.

Make sure to check out the message board.

We have added a message board to Conservatives-Unite.com. The message board is intended for you to post a message about products you would like to see Conservatives UNITE carry. This is a great way to get feedback and hear what our customers want. Also, on the message board you can leave your opinions about politics, the liberal bias main stream media, political events in your area, the economy, the war on terrorism, supporting our troops, or issues affecting conservatives. If you would prefer, feel free to email us your comments at: Customerservice@Conservatives-Unite.com.

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Under the links page you will find several resources about conservative foundations, organizations, talk radio shows, publications, and various institutions that have heavy conservative influences. We are adding more links all the time to provide more resources for you.

We Need Your Help!

Not only as conservatives, but as Americans we need your help to be proactive in the politics of the United States of America. We need do everything in our power to ensure that our elected officials hear our voice. Always remember the image of the Conservative Unity Wristband™; strength, unity, liberty, equality, leadership, and a determination to be proactive in government. Please help spread the word about the Conservative Unity Wristband and its meaning.




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